What is Sidewalk Saturday? Every Saturday, artists, crafters and the like sell their creations on the sidewalks of Main Street in old La Porte. The creations are as unique as the creators themselves and range from egg shell mosaics, photography, hand made jewelry, funkified art, recycled/repurposed art, charcoal sketches, acrylic paintings, bead making and the list goes on. This event is family friendly and free (which makes it even more family friendly!!)

If you would like to participate as an Artist/crafter (or know someone who would) ...there is no charge to set up a table/display, there is no "pre-commitment"....if you want to come out and play with up there is plenty of space. If you want more info, feel free call Kelly Price at 713-824-2504.

Thanks for being part of the grass roots development of Sidewalk Saturday!

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